Sulphur Mountain Repeats



Elevation Gain

1666 Meters

Avg. Pace

11:18 / km





Elevation Gain

1353 Meters

Avg. Pace

13:03/ km



Cellular Coverage: Full Coverage

Trail Type: Out and Back

The Story

With 10 weeks to go before Sinister 7 – 100 Miler, it is time I started getting some more elevation in. Michelle and I often spend our Saturdays in the mountains for a day of run adventures. This weekend was the first time we had the opportunity to be in the mountains together in a long while. It is always a little challenging for us to choose a trail where we can go together as we run at different paces. Michelle had done Sulphur a week and a bit ago with a girlfriend and suggested doing a few laps together. It was the perfect call for the day. I love being able to cross paths as we do repeats. 

Getting There

The trail head is by the Banff Gondola and the Upper Hot Springs. It is easy to get to. Parking does fill up fast in the summer time so I would suggest getting there early.

Google Map Directions. 


This is 5km’s of switchbacks up to the top. The grade is a little more than what is runnable for me and Michelle going up. It averaged about 125 meters of gain per km. While this was a little too steep to run up it made for an excellent grade to run down. It was a little slick with snow and slush today so spikes were a must. 


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