Cloudline Trail Canmore



Elevation Gain

449 Meters

Avg. Pace

08:51 / km



Cellular Coverage: Full Coverage

Trail Type: Out and Back

The Story

The Cloudline Trail Canmore had been closed for awhile for maintenance. When it re-opened there was a little bit of fanfare around it and since this one is a run commute from our house we decided to go check it out for a post Sinister 7 recovery run. Cloudline is stunning! The trail crew did an amazing job and there are even two branded benches to take a break at (see photos). There are plenty of bridged water crossings so you can definitely run with a single 500ml filter flask and have plenty of opportunities to refill your water. 

Follow Highline trail up to the creek crossing for about 1km. Cloudline runs off to the left where you soon have to take a bit of a rock hop to cross a small creek. Once you are about 500m up Cloudline, you will take a hard left and start to climb. If you skip the left and follow the path you will soon come to a small waterfall. I did not do that on this run.

Getting There

The trailhead is up in Three Sisters by Hubmans Landing. There is no parking lot, just street parking which can get busy. Please respect the residents as you choose where to park. Google Maps Directions Here.


The grade is a little too steep to be comfortably runnable. Eventually, it flattens out a bit and becomes very runnable all the way to the Stewart Creek junction where I turned around and headed back.  

What to Bring

We both ran with a 2 litre bladder in our packs. There was plenty of opportunity to fill up a filter flask from creeks along the way although I did not note how far apart they were. I suspect that you could get away with a single 500 ml filter flask for the whole run.

Bear Spray – as always remember your bear spray. We are in their back yard not the other way around. 

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